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Glossary - Children of the Curse

Glossary of terms used in the Children of the Curse series. If you come across a term in the series that you are unsure of and that does not appear below email Caprice Fiction.

[Updated 30 April 2010]

Astral-walk – when you take your astral body through dimensions to another place or time, without taking your physical body. If you don't go into or come out of your astral-body properly you can get 'stuck' between dimensions and only a powerful astral-walker can get you free. Time-walkers can use the astral-dimesions to time-walk.

Elemental(s) - an immortal being who is more than human. As a general rule they have some form of magical powers. An elemental can be anything from a fairy (faerie), vampire to a were-animal.

Elite-Chaos - a group of soldiers who work for Dr Morgan. These are the soldiers who capture the elementals for Dr Morgan to experiment on.

Flash - when someone flashes, they teleport from one place to the another.

Half-being - created by Dr Morgan who splices human DNA with that of various elementals (immortals).

Klarissa Morgan - is a half-being; her father experimented on her when she was a baby.

Mobi-phone – similar to a cellular phone but it can be used in inter-realm travel.

Shadow-walker - The shadow-walkers were designed to do the job that Elite-Chaos did, but to Doc Morgan's disgust they had decided to protect rather than to cause harm.

Shield of Darkness - protects the humans from the creatures of the night who prey on mortals (straight humans). Such creatures are for example Elite-Chaos, vampires who drink human blood, were-animals that have gone wild. Shield of Darkness is usually just referred to as the Shield.

Were-animal - a human whose heart is half animal and half human. They have the ability to change into animal form. Their body temperature is warmer than a full humans, therefore they do not feel the cold as much.

Time-walkers – beings who can walk though any dimension of time, back, forwards, sideways and present. Slade is a time-walker. They tend to travel in packs.

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