Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Klarissa Morgan - Profile

Eyes: Hazel

Age: 25

Hair: Sandy-blond

Hair length: long (past sholders)

Brother: Clayton Morgan (yonger brother)

Speices: Human spliced with vampire and fairy DNA

Species Notes: Klarissa was born as a human baby, her father expriemented on her and spliced her DNA with that of vampire and fairy. Because she's not dead/undead she can go out in daylight, with only slight dimming of her poweres.

Abilities: Speed of vampire, strengh and regeiniration, she can teleport (flash), nature magic of fairys. (Generally she doesn't need to use a wand to perfomr magic).

Home realm: Earth/human realm, she does have the ability to falsh to any realm.

Family: loves her mother but isn't close to her becasues of what her father made her. She is scared of her father due to him wanting to capture her to do more expriements. Has one younger brother, he too is a mix of human/fairy/vampire. No other full siblings; however there are mutitude other expriments with her and Clayton's DNA.

Diet: she inherited the vampire thirst for blood. (She get's her blood from the Immortals Blood Bank), she also has to have human food as she was born human. When she goes to the fairy realms she can eat their food without any side effects.

Other: normally looks human, however she has fangs when the blood lust has her. She has wings which are invisable unless she calls them to the phyiscal world.

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