Saturday, 8 May 2010

Wing Tag

Short Story about Klarissa and Clayton; set just after she met Evan, they are having fun playing a childish game of wing tag.

Wing Tag

Klarissa squealed and took off flying her brother close behind her, they were playing wing tag. They hadn’t played in years, not since they were kids, and life had been simpler. But she had to admit even though they were grown up now it was still so much fun.

The flying, spinning, ducking, crashing, the simple freedom . Klarissa barely got out of Clayton’s reach because she was night dreaming. “Ha, you gota do better than that if you want to catch me. Hey, that’s cheating,” she squealed in laughter as her brother threw water bombs at her.

“Was just seeing if you were awake, coz it sure looked like you were night-dreaming. You weren’t dreaming about that guy you’re crushing on were you,” Clayton teased his own laughter rumbling out. It was his turn to dodge the power ball that Klarissa hurled at him.

“No, shut up, I’m not crushing on anyone. Why? What makes you say I’m crushing on someone?” Klarissa was indignant, yet at the same time embarrassed. There was a new guy hanging around Night Crawlers, and he was mighty fine to look at. In fact he was H-O-T hot. She would have to be more careful to keep her thoughts to herself.

“See, there, you get this red tinge to your checks, Klarissa and Mr Hottie up the tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G, oye cut that out,” Clayton laughed as Klarissa sent a succession of power balls at him. “That hurt.”

“Wimp, suck it up,” Klarissa squealed again as Clayton sent one of her power balls back to her. Quick as lightning she rolled away, and flashed to just behind her brother, she then proceeded to tickle him without mercy. Until they both fell to the ground in a tangle of wings.

“How you doing Boo?” Klarissa asked after they had made themselves comfortable on their backs on the ground.

“Good the job at Tryennur Goth Library is going really well, thanks for helping me get the job,” Clayton said as he snuggled into the fragrant grass under his back, and looked up at the night sky.

They settled into a companionable silence side by side, siblings united for now and forever.

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