Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Fairy Alliance - Chapter 1

Currently Moon Flyer paced-flew in her favourite thinking spot by a little pond in Fairy Meadows. Her long silky dark brown hair streamed behind her like a ribbon caught in the wind as she paced back and forth.

Upon the ponds bank laid a rock perfect for perching on. Normally when Moon Flyer is in a calmer mood she sits on the rock and thinks. In the grass around the rock, wild flowers grew freely everywhere, a beautiful beam of light shone down on Moon Flyer.

She was very annoyed, her green eyes flashing; the argument with herself was not going well. “Unbelievable? A message! They want me to deliver a message! Just because I mess up once I am being sent away like a; like a messenger dog! What next? Am I going to become an ambassador to the vampires?”

Her long graceful wings gave a flutter of annoyance. Her smooth porcelain skin was flushed with colour upon her cheeks, a telltale sign she was extremely angry. Her pacing-flying became slightly faster and unpredictable the more troubled she became.

Moon Flyer stopped her pacing-flying as something caught her attention out of the corner of her eye. Grandfather who she absolutely adored was standing a few feet from her. He was patiently watching her and waiting.

“Child; do not be angry,” he tried to sooth; his voice gentle and his aged pale blue eyes were kind. Grandfather, one of the oldest fairies left in Fairy Meadows, still quite handsome, even though his features were starting to show their age. He wasn’t Moon Flyer’s true grandfather all the same he was her closest family, well, besides Grandmother of course.

“Not be angry!” in that moment Moon Flyer could not comprehend the thought.

“Child, calm yourself, at once!” Grandfather’s voice boomed out. “Think. The message must be delivered by someone,” Grandfather paused to give Moon Flyer time to ponder upon the conversation.

“Unfortunately you made your mistake at this time. Although not the only reason, the council made their decision. Your fighting and magick skills also came into the equation.

“The rules of the Alliance state that if a member of a vampire clan is threatened then we shall send one of our own to aid them. It just so happens that our family represents the Watson Clan. Go with an open mind and you may find it is for the best,” as Grandfather spoke he pace-flew; as he said the last part he spun around to look at Moon Flyer, giving her a piercing stare.

“What is that suppose to mean?” Moon Flyer mumbled as she took flight again after catching her grandfather’s eye. She always felt like a young girl when he gave her that stare. It always meant she was being silly or very naughty. Grandfather and Grandmother were the only ones who could talk to her this way.

“It means just that child. Try to relax and forget about your mistake. Oh, before I forget, if you come into strife, there will be other fairies and pixies in the human realm. Let off an alarm spell and help will be on its way.”

By this time Moon Flyer had stopped pacing-flying and had perched herself daintily on her thinking rock. “So it is more the vampires needing help than me being sent away?” Moon Flyer reflected thoughtfully, almost to herself starting to accept that which was already out of her hands. She still didn’t like the fact that she was being sent to the human realm; but she could accept it.

“Child, what is this about being sent away?” Grandfather demanded sternly, his eyes going wide in astonishment and disbelief that she would think like that. “Of course you are not being sent away. Grandmother and I would never hear of such nonsense. Once you have done your duties you are free to come home. However, you may choose to stay in the human realm.”

“Why would I do that?” Moon Flyer was shocked that Grandfather would even suggest such a thing. This was her home, and besides he was in the human realm, that, that fairy she wished not to think about. Yet quite often her thoughts strayed to him. To his sexy smile, his fierce protection of others and his strong belief in what was right and wrong.

“For one it would give you a new realm to explore. For another it gets you away from here for a little while. When you are not working you can go sightseeing,” Grandfather gave a tentative smile hoping she would see reason, he was worried about his Granddaughter, she had been moping for far too long.

“I will think about all you have said. Right now, I have something to do. I promised Brightflier I would go and see him,” Moon Flyer explained to Grandfather.

With an impish flutter of her wings and a quick kiss on Grandfathers withered cheek, she was off.

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