Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Book vs. Fairy | Authspot

You need to be careful what you say or do around books you never know what knowledge they wish to share with you.

Alvie sneezed from the dust she had just blown off the heavy ancient tome of a book she had just pulled off the shelf. The wind from her sneeze accidently set off a spell which sent a few books crashing off the shelf.

Alvie looked up in time to say “uh oh” before the books landed on top of her and buried her. One of the books hit her in the head hard and she must have been knocked out because she was woken up to the sound of her name being called out loudly.

“Alvie, Alvie are you down here?” a faint male voice asked; faint because she was still buried.

Book vs. Fairy Authspot read the rest of the story.

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