Thursday, 27 December 2012

Punisher's Heat has arrived

Cindy Hargreaves with the first copies of her book Punishers Heat
I am buzzing right down, when I got back to the Paranormal Door office this afternoon, there was a box on the door step waiting for me. At first I thought it was the Heartbreak Guitar postcards that I had ordered, but when I looked closer I started to get really excited.

Yep that's right; my books had finally arrived, almost four weeks early. I am truly still buzzing. 

To find out about buying options go here.

About Punishers Heat:

Can one night of passion change the lives of three people? 
There is a new but ancient threat to the bad things that go bump in the night - the Wraths Fury. Axis and Maxis, a pair of mirror twin faeries; must come to grips with the changes that are going on within themselves.

Sasha has long ago cut herself off from her own faerie clan; the ones she loved kept dying. But after one hot night with the twins she is soon reunited with some of her clan brothers. She has to start feeling again.

With Sasha's help, can the twins accept who they are now becoming?

[This story incorporates both Hot in Here and Punishers Satisfaction included is some bonus new material.]

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