Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Writing Goal for 2014

This year I am peeling back to the basics, I hope to complete two novella's. The first one Seeking Solace dues out for my Dad's memorial day, Friday, 21 February 2014. And the second is Hunter Returns for Mum's memorial day, Sunday 19 November 2014.

 Seeking Solace

Theo enters the Faerie Realm as the baby of the astral-walkers. He is pleased to get away from his overbearing, invading older brothers. After all even though the baby, he was over a thousand years old. What he finds on his journey and his new post with the faerie border patrol is what he needed most... Acceptance!

Hunter Returns

AJ aka Hunt has not been back to Organ since she graduated the Academy. She is pleased to know some faces at the academy, like her best friend Charlie, who is remaining with his previous female matches. And her fellow officer buddy Kameron and his dark, handsome best friend Jet. 

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