Monday, 17 March 2014

Sneak peak at Alexei from Rocker Girl

The bow came off the viola only long enough to have more resin applied to it. Then Alexei lifted the instrument back to his shoulder, he let the beach sounds inspire his playing. Closing his eyes, it was not the beach that he saw, but his fellow band member Angela. 

Every time she looked at him with those sea blue eyes of hers, he wanted to bay like a horny dog. Those eyes of hers where killer, they looked through a person to the true them. His Mama would say that Angela was an ancient soul.

“Ahhhh, Alexei?” the voice of the ancient soul cut through his day dreaming, after she had cleared her throat.

He turned from the window he had been facing while he had been playing, and looked at her with an eyebrow raised. Trying to portray the calmness that he was really not feeling at that exact moment. If he were to be honest he would like to throw her on his bed and have his way with her, many times over.

“Yes rybka?” he asked, using the endearment he had come to associate with her.

“What does that even mean?” she put her hands on her hips.

“One day I might tell you, in the mean time, I am sure that is not why you grace me with your presence,” his mouth curved into a half smile.

“What? Oh, yeah, na,” she cleared her throat and started again. “The others are doing a shared dinner, rather than a get your own tonight, if you could make those mini hamburger things?”

“Do you mean kotletki?”

“If they are the mini hamburgers? Then yes,” she nodded before turning away and heading back the way she had come.

Alexei quickly put his viola on its stand, along with his bow, before hurrying to get a vest to put on. He left it unbuttoned as he hurried to catch up with Angela. He timed it right; he was able to watch her arse as she hopped down the stairs.

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