Friday, 10 April 2015

Short Story Friday 1 - Xoe gets wet

Xoe’s high pitched squeal could be heard throughout the beach house. The many ears that heard it just smiled and thought to themselves, “Alexies at it again!”

Xoe shook of the ice cold water that had come over the balcony. She glared up at the offender, who sheepishly poked her head over the side. At Xoes scowl, she just giggled and covered her mouth.

“How about you look before hiffing next time?” Xoe suggested.

“But Xoxo what fun is that? You never know who is going to unexpectedly do the ice bucket challenge?” and she poked her tongue out at Xoe before disappearing out of view.

Xoe once again shook her head, much like a wet dog. With narrowed eyes, she started to smile, evilly. She reversed direction and headed back inside, after pausing at the beach side kitchen to grab a towel, she made her way further into the room to the sound system that was piped into all of the room in the house.

With a determined look she searched through all the flash drives with their various music pieces on them, until she found the one that she was looking for. With the evil smile firmly in place she plugged the usb drive in, set the timer on the sound system. Made sure that the remote was inside the cabinet, she then locked said cabinet, before pocketing the key.

Once she had clean dry clothes on, she headed for her motorbike deciding now would be a good time to go for a ride, a very long ride. 

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