Thursday, 2 April 2015

The story of writing a story

As a creative fiction writer, I go through stages of writing stories, and often the stories get put away for a long time. Then inspiration strikes and you virtually dust off the folder and read over notes and bits of the story you previously wrote.

But what do you do when, gasp, you can not find the notes that your wrote outlining how you want the story to go? That somehow since writing, and putting away, till now, it has disappeared. Is this a blessing or a curse? Do you try to re-create what was in the outline? Or do you start from scratch?

This happened to me this week with Heartbreak Chords, not the first 8 chapters, but what I had written for the outline had disappeared. I have decided that this was actually a blessing because the outline I had written sounded whiny and not something I would like to read. So this week I have been reading over those 8 chapters and I think I now know where I am going.

So now I just need to well, write. Then re-write what I wrote, then edit, then review, then re-write again. I seriously need to get my A into G to get this thing ready to be published on 26 May 2015. Eeep!!

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