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Chapter 2: Fairy Alliance

Chapter 1 another free sample to read of Fairy Allaince.

Moon Flyer loved to fly and she loved playing with the dragons, what fairy didn’t? Sure, some dragons were fierce, grumpy and fiery. Yet other dragons were the kindest, gentlest creatures who just loved to play and have fun. Dragons especially loved playing with fairies because they could help control the dragon powers. This was especially handy if they were learning a new power.

Her friend Bright Flier was one of the fun ones. Normally he was very placid, friendly and playful. You need to watch out though, if he is in a bad mood, been hurt or upset. At theses times he’d could get rather vicious, well what wild beast didn’t? Never doubt that all dragons were wild beasts at heart.

The Dragon Lands boarded Fairy Meadows. This meant that Moon Flyer didn’t have far to travel. Normally she wouldn’t try to surprise Bright Flier; just not a good idea. Fried fairy anyone?

This time however she felt something weird on the winds. She couldn’t quite put her finger on what it was. Instead of flying in human size, she changed into her miniature fairy self. In this form, she would be about two inches; at the most, tall. She would look exactly the same, well except for being a lot smaller.

By changing to her smaller self if it wasn’t a good time to visit her friend, she could just leave and come back at another time that was more suitable. Additionally this way she wouldn’t disturb anyone if they were concentring on something important.

What she found when she got to Bright Flier’s dark cave, was a mess. His cave was normally well organised and tidy. He had a place for most things and most things had a place. The furniture ranged in size to accommodate both human and dragon. This was mainly because he sometimes took the shape of a human man, not all dragons could do this, and if they could most found it felt unnatural. Bright Flier however was totally at ease in either way.

Now his cave was all a mess furniture and things upturned, broken and in disarray. Moon Flyer was heartbroken by seeing Bright Flier crying into his claws. His hide was a smooth blend of blues and greens, his claws a shiny gold colour. His normally bright amber eyes, now shining with tears and grief pulsed off him in waves. Moon Flyer automatically sent a calming spell to him even before she made herself known.

Moon Flyer tentatively came more fully into the dark cave. “Bright Flier… Bright Flier! What happened, Bright Flier?” she wanted to let her friend know that she was there so that he didn’t start blasting fire balls in self-defence, because she didn’t want to be fried and he seemed to be in that mood that he would fire and then ask questions.

“Mon? Is that you? Where are you? Why are you miniature?” Bright Flier was curiously looking around trying to spot his best friend. He gave a little start when Moon Flyer transformed back to full size right in front of him, luckily enough not an overly big fright, she could heal herself if the damage wasn’t too bad, however it would be extremely unpleasant, and annoying to say the least.

Ever since Bright Flier had found out that her human name was Monique he had called her Mon, much to her disgust. Out of all the names that belonged to her, she preferred Moon Flyer; after all, it was her hatching name.

“Don’t do that!” exclaimed Bight Flier, as his heart rate returned to normal. And he registered that it was her and not one of his enemies.

“Sorry. The winds felt weird on the way over here. What’s going on?” Moon Flyer asked as she looked around. Moon Flyer suddenly had a feeling of dread wash over her, intense enough that she decided to do an extremely careful scan of Bright Flier’s cave. The scan was similar to that of a video camera, where you can have instant replay or store the information for later reference. It was extremely helpful when she had to fill out patrol reports.

“She’s gone. Just up and disappeared. I have partitioned the elders to find out where she is. But that could take years,” Bright Flier’s voice was listless. The Dragon Elders deliberated over matters brought to there attention for years before anything would be done about the matter.

Grief and lose muddling Bright Flier’s thoughts. The biggest loss he suffered was the loss of his bonded link. Similar to a humans marriage but deeper, and the couple formed a special physic bond that only they could use.

“Okay Bright Flier, here’s the thing. You know I’m your friend right? But honest I have no idea who or what you are talking about. Who’s gone?” Moon Flyer was generally never concerned or thoughtful. However, the events over the past few months had made her very concerned and extremely thoughtful. Her once happy existence had gotten darker and darker recently. Partly due to her own stupidity, but also because of other peoples interference in her life.

“Violet Eyes! Violet Eyes has gone. I don’t know if she went willing or not. All I know is that humans have been here,” Bright Flier tried to explain but his mind was too tangled in grief.

“Well if it is humans then I have some good news for you. I have to go to the human realm for an errand. I can do some digging while I am there,” Moon Flyer informed her friend with an encouraging smile. Not wanting to add to her friend’s worries, she decided not to tell him about the Councils verdict.

“Why would you go to the human realm?” Bright Flier asked curiously, temporarily forgetting his own problems. After all this was Moon Flyer and she was a fairy through and through. He couldn’t imagine that she would be going for long. If he wasn’t so grief stricken he would probably have asked more questions.

“Well, someone has to deliver a message to the vampires. I was the lucky fairy who was selected,” Moon Flyer said with a touch of sadness in her voice and left it at that. She gave her friend a hug and made sure he would be all right while she was gone.

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