Tuesday, 6 September 2011

September 2011 Writing Project

Last months writing endeavour proved to me that I could write, and write lots. Even if in the end I scrap the project it was a good learning experience. This month I will be working on turning my series of short stories about Klarissa and Even into something more substantial *coughs* a novel *coug15hs again*.
The goal
To turn 15,456 words into 55,000 words by 30 September 2011. The title of the novel will be Children of the Curse.
The Plan
To write 39,535 words in 24 days. So that's 1647 words daily.
How am I going to do this:
  • Read what has already been written and make notes
  • Freewrite daily 1647 words
  • Read through previous days work and give light edit, and then do current days target.
  • Make notes as I go such as story outlines, character notes, world notes and so on.
  • Reward myself for each goal met
  • Track my progress using spread sheet
To be fair the final reward will be having my first novel *fingers crossed* and hopefully it will be good. I guess only time will tell. In the end as long as it is something that I am happy to read then I have accomplished a lot.

Look out for updates as I go; and if you have any feedback about anything in this blog feel free to email us at admin@pdpublisher.com.

Until next time;
go and escape into a book for 30 min, go on you know you want to.

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