Sunday, 23 October 2011

Wraths Destroyer my book for NaNoWrM0

Ok so I think I have decided  on Wraths Destroyer, this is the story idea:
Who am I? I am the Destroyer! I used to be a demon – that is until my human lover decided to kill me. I am no longer powerless or defenceless. I am a wraths fury. I am power.

My defender is Dominic – he is – interesting. And before you ask no we are not an item. He is simply my defender, my shield. His job is to make sure nothing happens to me. He is one of the ones that gave me life. Gave me something to ‘live’ for.

My Goal:
Because I want to be able to have a few days off here and there I am going to aim for 2000 words a day that way I only need 25 days in the month. AND if I get up at 6 am I will be able to write for an hour before work, during this hour I have to be strong and NOT go on the Internet.
If I get into it and get it completed before due date then I may even do Angel's Blood .... but that is just a dream.

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