Sunday, 11 December 2011

Xoe loves rock n roll

A new story by C A Hargreaves... she doen't know at this stage if it is a short story, a novella or a novel. Stay posted...

Tears dripping down her check, her heart aching. Xoe held the picture to her chest. She couldn’t believe he was dead. Her first love, her first friend, her first mentor. He had meant so much to her, yet he had been a part of her life for so little.

She could ask why. Why Marcus? Why couldn’t it have been one of the others. But she knew that was pointless. Life was cruel and viscous at times.

And now it looked like she would be going back to where it all began. At least she would be going back as more than she had been. She was a guitarist with a recording contract behind her.

Maybe her life still fitted into one car. So what? She had been on the road touring since she had left Kendra, her birthplace. She had toured all over the world with her band. And in one drunken night they were gone too.

People wondered why her songs were so tragic. They would just need to take one look at her story and know why. But people don’t want to know the truth do they? They would rather make up their own answers.

Without a backwards glance, she left the current hotel room she was staying in, her bag over her shoulder. She checked herself out at reception and then jumped in her car to start the long trip back to Kendra.

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