Friday, 25 November 2011

Bored Ajax

She lay back on her bed staring listlessly at the ceiling. She was bored. She had no friends to hang with. And she was still known as that orphan girl. With little joy she reached for her tablet from her bedside table. Using the stylus pen she randomly doodled.
Then an idea struck and she brought up a blank screen in her design software. Drawing her sunglasses, she studied the drawing for a while. Then she started to draw the little intricate parts that she would need. Once that was done she started putting it together.
About and hour later she was rendering the design to see if her virtual gadget held up to some tests. If her reports were right then she would have herself some x-ray sunglasses. Certainly not a new concept. But handy all the same.
Getting up off her bed she walked over to her workstation that had everything she needed. She went about building the x-ray glasses.
She wasn't bored anymore, and because some of it had to be glued she had opened her door and her windows.
With a magnifying lamp and some tweezers she was doing the final construction when a warm amused male voice says from the doorway. "What evil genius are you up to know Ajax?"
"Hmm, Duncan? Oh nothing new, just some x-ray sunglasses," she said more to her sunglasses, than to Duncan.
"What? Why?" his voice was closer, he must have walked up behind her.
"Because I was bored. Not bored now, but I will need new glasses. Should probably have thought of that before I used my only pair," she mused.

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