Monday, 30 January 2012

Ajax's Meeting

Ajax looked around her puzzled, why the hell would he want to meet her here of all places. She stood at attention just like the good little soldier she was, exactly where she had been instructed to. To anyone that knew her they would be able to see that she had a look of utter puzzlement in her eyes. Yet her stance and facial features remained blank.

The gravely voice on the phone had given her clear instructions, and the information he had was vital for the academy. But why the hell would he suggest this place? As far as she was aware he wasn’t here yet even though she was dead on time. Well not quite dead; but she was on time.

While she waited she was alert to the environment around her. She could also take time to just think. Since coming back to Organ she hadn’t had much thinking time. She was seriously thinking about buying herself a house. A place that was her’s where she could get away from – well everything.

The tingling sensation at the back of her neck alerted her that she was being watched. But she couldn’t place from where or from whom was watching her. She unfocused her eyes so that she could concentrate on her other senses. But nope; no tomato. The only sign that she was frustrated was a line forming between her eyebrows.

That reminded her she needed a facial, she wondered if her friend Jul’s would know of a good place to go. She put the note in her mental to do list.

The tingling sensations getting stronger, almost as if whoever was watching her was trying to mind probe her. Which considering the circumstances was quite possible.

With a sigh she went back to watching the ballet dancers practice. Whoever was watching her would eventually show themselves or get bored and go away. She cringed a little as one of the dancers came down heavily on her feet.

“You are a puzzlement, Ajax;” came a males gravelly voice to her right.

“I could say the same,” she replied without turning. But at least she now knew who was mind probing her. But she didn’t let her shields down.

“Are you curious why I invited you here today?” her informant asked.

“You will either tell me or you won’t so there is no point wasting time on wondering things that I may never get the answer to,” she shrugged as she continued to watch the dancers.


  1. Oo, how exciting! And bizarre setting, I have to say. Like it :D So who is the mystery man?! I like that she's unable to get a read on him. Throws her off balance, which - if I may be ridiculously literary for a moment - is paralleled nicely by the dancer who lands badly; I'm assuming that's what you meant by 'came down heavily on her feet'. Nice one.

    1. I don't know yet who he is, but maybe there will be more of him in other quick reads