Thursday, 22 March 2012

Asthma my new project

Okay so my new project is do write a guide for asthma, but then I got to thinking this is too broad and that's when I realised that this one project is going to have at the very least two guides one for adults and then a story type one for children or maybe a non-fiction guide for children. I don't know at this stage. That's why one does a Project Specification Plan because it tells you exactly WHAT you are going to write and WHO you are going to write for (target audience). I know one thing I want to know more about asthma so that I can help my son and myself.
At this stage without giving it a whole lot of thought I want to know:
What causes asthma?
What are the triggers?
What treatments and when to take them?
Related illnesses
Are there different types of asthma?
Who is affected?
Is it hereditary?

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