Monday, 12 March 2012

short story for week 11 March 2012

Since I have challenged myself to one new ebook each week I have so far not achieved this. So from this week on I would like to hit 1 short story ebook with up to 5,000 words for the next 24 weeks. This is as little as 1000 words a day five days a week. Or two writing sessions a day, I do about 500 words per writing session. The bit that follows is the start of this weeks eBook.

Breathing hurt, moving hurt, everything hurt. She held a hand over the stab wound her wings hanging limply on her back, the right wing at odd angles from being broken. Tears and blood streaked her check. Fears filled her as she stumbled on the uneven ground, the rocks and stones from the road cutting into her bare feet.

“Chloe” taunted a whispered voice on the wind. “Where are you going Chloe?”
The wounded faerie tried to ignore the taunting; it was difficult because the voice brought utter terror straight to her heart, body, and soul. If only she could remember why she was afraid. Who could she trust? Did she know where she was going? Could the voice reach her physically or was he just in her head?
“Think Chloe think,” she said to herself aloud, more so that she had a defense against the taunting voice.
She flinched as two bright lights appeared over the hill not too far ahead of her. She stumbled to the side of the road in fright as the lights speed towards her. And whizzed past her in a matter of seconds. It was some sort of contraption on wheels.
“Right then not in the faerie realms,” she said as a new fear crept into her thoughts. What if they had seen her, she was sure that she would be labeled a freak, especially if this was the human realm where the paranormal was not openly accepted. For goddesses sake she had her wings out in the open, and the human’s didn’t have wings. Grandma would be so angry with her, Lee would be for that matter. Lee. Human realm. Solution. As she thought of her cousin her brain finally started too kick into gear and she let out an emergency call on the wind. hoping that there was someone on the end of the call.
In the next breathe she sent out a searching wind to find shelter while she waited for an answer. She was pleased that there was some trees grouped together to the right of her in a paddock.

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