Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Dermatitis and Eczema Skin

My young wee lad Jared gets this horrible nasty skin condition eczema.dermatitis. It pains me every time he is crying because (using his words) his nuts are sore and he can't sleep. And coming into winter I know it is just going to get worse.

So the skincare guide I am going to work on (along side my asthma guide for my other son) is a guide to caring for skin with eczema and dermatitis. But not only that to also create a skincare range for my Jared so he can have a body wash/shampoo and body lotion that won't hurt him. Luckily these days there are quite a few firms that provide natural skincare bases. This means that a lot of hard work has already been taken out of the process. It will be targeted at adults and they can apply the knowledge to their children's skin.

What I need to do:

  • Research what eczema/dermatitis is
  • What natural ingredients are helpful for this skin condition
  • Skincare advice for this condition.
At the moment I am writing up the Project Specification Plan so that I can  start my research. Tomorrow or the day after I will receive the skincare bases for my skincare range. The sooner he has some skincare that won't hurt him the sooner his skin can stop hurting him.

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