Monday, 7 May 2012

Update on Heartbreak Guitar

Hey lovly readers;

As you would have seen the other day I have updated Chapter 1 of Issue 1 Heartbreak Guitar. And if you follow me on facebook you will have seen the pictures of Xoe and Casper that I drew. Well this morning I had this great idea for the cover to Heartbreak Guitar. And so in between work stuff and customers I have been adding colour to Xoe's full length pic. Here's hopping it works out because then I will have a fantastic cover that is ALL mine.

Last week I got Chapter 1 over the 1000 word mark, this week I have to get Chapter 2 over the 1000 word mark. My goal for the whole re-write/revise is to get the whole of Issue 1 over the 10,000 words mark. Before the edit it was around the 7000 so there is a bit of work to go. 

Once the cover is done and the added content is written and it is published again I can then work on Issue 2 which is still unpublished.

Come on Chapter 2



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