Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Darkholes - the ebook for my education fund

It's finally here SQUEE, and its going to be in paperback as well... This is sooo cool. I love my Tianna, tortured soul that she is.

Remember that you can choose how much you donate to help me out. But there is a minimum of NZD $4.99

Add to Cart PDF (automatic download) NZD $4.99

Tianna, a bat girl has made all of the wrong decisions. She doesn’t want to go back to how things used to be because she knows some things can't be undone. But she wants to find a new life. Where does she fit in now?

Follow Tianna as she claws her way out of the darkhole!

The author Cindy Hargreaves is studying hard to get her Bachelor of Applied Science degree. The purpose of this book is help pay for her course related costs, course fees, and student loan. Once this takes off, any future proceeds will go to scholarships to help other writers to achieve their dreams.

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