Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Day 2 Camp NaNoWrMo

I can't tell you too much about the storyline because over on my facebook page I have a competition going on. The first person to guess the story I am writing this month receives a free ebook copy of Heartbreak Guitar. 

Day one went off without a hitch, in fact I did better than expected. I got two days of writing done, so I am up a day. Woohoo. 

Day two - it has been soooooooooooooo busy today. But I am committed to writing 20,000 words this month. It is now 10.02 pm and I have work tomorrow. But I am going to get my 667 words written, so that when it is the weekend, I don't have to write if I don't want to.

So far the story is coming to me nicely. It is handy that I have written up the basic outline previously to having started. I tried the writing by the seat of my pants, but the story it produced was really bad. And so when I was writing Heartbreak Guitar, I used an outline for the very first time, and the story it produced, I am very proud of.

My realistic goal is 20,000 but it would be awesome if I could get 40,000 or even 50,000 written. But sadly with my limited time I do not think this is possiable. So I will concentrate on the 20,000 words, which is possible. 

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