Monday, 29 September 2014

Fire After Dark - Chapter Two

After being given the day off she made her way to the bar where her “brothers” sometimes hung out. She used the term brothers loosely as she only shared a fraction of their DNA. But when you had hundreds of brothers and sisters you choose who you would call brother.

The bar was inside one of the first trees, there was enough room for fifty average human sized faeries. The floors and the walls where covered in the soft green moss, with the furniture created from natural wood. The furniture and interior of the bar changed from time to time, according to how the tree felt. Fire fly's and glow worms provided the lighting.

Commander made her way through the crowd, dodging wings and tails as she went. The bar came up to her chest, and today there where bar stools, for those who wanted to sit at the bar. She was about to order a drink, when she looked down the bar, and their staring into his glass was none other than Lord. From the barman she ordered her drink, she also ordered a refill for Lord. She smiled her thanks as her glass was put down in front of her, taking a sip of the nectar, she let the flavour coat her tongue and throat.

With glass in hand she turned her back to the bar and gazed out into the room, she nodded to those she knew. Narrowed her eyes when she saw a man, who in human terms she guessed she could call him her ex. She quickly forgot about him when she saw her brother, then she saw who was with him. When her brother Foster spotted her she raised her eyebrow, meaning ‘what are you doing hanging with him?’ His response was to smirk at her, the ass had known him all along.

“Kitten, you are here,” a male’s voice boomed through the bar, she recognised the voice as belonging to her brother Warren.

“I am? Are you sure? It could be like that time you drank some of Sam’s spiced nectar?” she wondered, trying to contain the smile that wanted to escape her lips.

“No, I have not had that much to drink,” Warren told the room rather loudly, as he started to make his way through the crowd.

“You have had too much to drink brother, Sister Kitten is not here,” Foster played along, she was sure Foster was part pixie, he was always pulling pranks on people.

“Sister Kitten? That doesn’t even make sense,” she mocked, as siblings where want to do. She smiled at Foster as he took the stool next to her, and inclined her head at the male faerie that was with him. “Master.”

“Commander, I did not know that you were a sibling of Foster and Warren,” there was no censure in his voice, just interest.

“Well now you do,” was her response. And she startled a little bit when there was a deep chuckle form next to her. She had not felt Lord move, this was a problem. She could not afford to be that comfortable.

“Commander,” he nodded his head at her.

“Lord,” she in turn inclined her head at him. The smile that was playing around his lips was doing wicked tingly things to her, and yet again she was wet for him.

By this time Warren had ambled through the bar and was right in front of her. He poked her on the forehead, to see if she was an illusion like they had been trying to make out. Just as quickly she grabbed the finger and twisted.

“Owe, owe, owe, nope I wasn’t seeing things, it is Kitten,” Warren whimpered. “Let go please?”

“Stop poking me,” she growled.

“Then don’t pretend that you are an illusion,” he complained.

“Want me to kick your butt?” her voice was kickass series, but the small smile playing at her mouth let him know she was being playful.

“No jeeze, that hurts. Foster, she’s so mean to me,” since she was not giving him any compassion, he turned to their brother.

“Then stop poking her,” at this statement from Foster, Master chocked on the mouthful of drink he had just taken.

“Careful there brother, you don’t want your fluids going down the wrong way,” the way Lord said that, made Commander think that there was a hidden meaning.

“Sometimes fluids have to be forced down the throat, nothing you can do, but relax,” Master shot back.

“It is better if you don’t choke on the fluids then,” this from Foster.

“Anyway, moving on, Warren, can you fix my dagger if I get it to you?” she changed the subject.

“What happened to it,” he looked at her, waiting for her response.

"It broke, the blade snapped off?" she suggested.

"You asking me? What were you doing that made it break?" now Warren was curious.

"Ask me no questions, I'll tell you no lies," now she giggled and with an upward sweep of her wings, she evaded her brother as he lunged forward, she was sure he would have ticked her. Instead she flipped over his head and gave him a light kick to his behind.

"Kitten!" Warren protested.

"So can ya? Can ya? Can you fix it? ha? Ha?" with an exuberant leap she jumped onto his back, putting her arms and legs around him, and licking the side of his face.

"Ewww, kitten stop!" he tried to shake her off at the same time he tried wiping his face. "Yes, I can, just stop licking me."

With his agreement, she kissed his check that she had licked, and hopped down from his back. After that the males decided to grab a back booth so that they could all sit down. Somehow in the shuffling she found herself seated between Master and Lord. There thighs wedged up against hers, as they made room for a couple of other friends.

Food and more drinks where ordered. Every time the males she was mashed against moved, they brushed against her. A few times one or the other brushed against her breast, it could have been by accident. But on the fourth time, she was certain that they were doing it on purpose, to torment and arouse her. This was confirmed when they both dropped a hand to a thigh each and moved it up wards. Close but not touching the junction between her legs. They were playfully teasing her.

The merriment flowered around them, as other friends and family fluttered by. Some like Foster and Warren were constants, but others where only there briefly. Commander did her best to ignore the males on both sides of her, and their playful hands, with fingers that where getting very close to her core. She needed time to process this new lot of information, that the two males she had secretly been desiring, also desired her. On the one hand, she could give in to her base desire, on the other it could complicate her working relationship.

Towards the end of the morning, when the faeries started to drift off Masters Personal Guard arrived to escort him back to the court. Lord surprised her by not getting up when Master did. "I will escort Commander back!"

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