Thursday, 11 December 2014

Albino Monkeys Short Story 1

Taylor sat up on the roof terrace strumming the stolen guitar, Madison would kill her if he knew she was using it. It was her own little guilty pleasure, being able to play the guitar; it was something not even her twin, Tyler, knew that she played. She hummed along as she strummed, imprinting the tune into her memory bank to jot down later in Tyler’s notebook, their hand writing was close enough, that he wouldn’t know that he hadn’t written the song in one of his creative hazes.

She was so engrossed in her own world that she startled when a shadow fell over her. Looking up with deer in headlight eyes, she promptly narrowed them when she saw Max. Putting down the guitar, she picked the beat up with her sticks.

She eyed him, but did not say anything. Tap tap tap, went her sticks, always moving, helping her deal with him. She was, offhandedly, surprised to see him here today. Shouldn’t he be in the big city, at his big city job with his floozies? Internally she shrugged.

“I’m in the shit. Can you help me?” Max pleaded with her, his face taught with worry.

“Me! What do you need me for?” Her eyebrows where up in her fringe and her voice actually squeaked.

“Can I stay with the family?” Max seemed to hold his breath, waiting for her answer.

“Were you dumped on your head recently? Of course you can stay with the family, do you just need a bed for a few days? Or do you need a room for a... longer stay?” so many questions raced through her head, but she held them back.

“Umm, a room, or just a bed if there aren’t any rooms...” he trailed off when she held up her hand to stop him, and made a call.

 “Hey Aunt Felicity? Maximus needs a room, can he board with you until he works out his next step?” she listened to her aunt for a while, exchanging some back and forth, then she hung up and turned back to Max.

“Aunt said for you to bring your stuff over when you are ready and she can get the boys to move out any of the furniture you don’t need. Oh and you cook every other night until someone else moves in, and then it will be every third night. Is that all?”

“Umm, isn’t that enough?” he asked, he lip cocking up in a half smile.

 She just shrugged and went back to playing the beat. “Oh hey, do you have a spare notebook?”

 With another half smile, he dug out his notebook and a pen and walked closer to her so that he could hand it to her.
“Thanks dude,” she said, taking the offering and then seemingly forgetting he was there as she got lost in her music.

“Been a great talk as usual, Tay. I’ll see you around,” and with that he started back the way he had come.

Only after he was out of sight did she raise the notebook up and sniff it, rolling her eyes she was in heaven, because it smelled like him. And finally, with a small smile, she truly did get lost in her music.