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Heartbreak Chords Chapter One

Releases 16 June 2015
Angela and Jackson have instant heat, but can they make it more? 

Xoe Mackenzie's much anticipated new band, Dark Autumn, had been formed, and Angela had snagged the spot of keyboardist. Combining that with her rising modeling career, the girl was busy. So when she ran into Jackson, all she could do was fight the instant desire that built inside of her. There was no time in her life for another man, especially one who could very well break her heart.
Jackson had thought he had everything he ever wanted, money, business, and a rocking night club. That was until he saw the most enticing figure of a woman leaning over the boot of her car. Once they finally meet, he is done for. The feisty Angela burns herself into his every thought. Nothing was going to stop him from making her his. Well, except maybe his pushy ex-fiancée. 

Is it possible for these two wounded souls to heal their heart with music, and each other?

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Chapter One
Angela sat at her kitchen bench on a bar stool, her cell phone in her hand, not that she could see it. She was in shock! All of her dreams were coming true. She had got the part. She was in Dark Autumn. She Angela Webster, model, and part time musician and photographer, had just been accepted as the keyboardist for the rock band Dark Autumn, with the ever talented, and Angela’s role model Xoe fricken Mackenzie. 
“Holy shit!” she jumped up squeezing her phone into her skintight jeans, which were artfully ripped. On each leg under her panty line, there was a big tear, with three more on each leg. The jeans were almost indecent, but she did not care, they were comfortable.  
She rushed down to her car where there was an emergency stash of chocolate. Her feet where bare as she headed out her door, not locking it, taking the stairs two at a time, down from the landing. Popping the hood on the boot, she sighed when she realised the bag she was after, was at the bottom of the pile. 
It was only after she was bending down butt up, that she felt eyes watching her. She looked through her elbow at the flash car that had pulled into one of the penthouse car spaces. There was two very hot guy’s watching her ass. One was a mohawked guy and the other was a slicked back haired male, with a chiselled jaw, very edible. There was something familiar about the mowhawked one, put she could not put her finger on it.  
She could not help herself; she winked. They responded with the slick guy giving her an appreciative smile, and the mohawk one an embarrassed smile. She turned her attention back to what she had been doing. With a heave, she got the handle of the bag just as she pulled it free; her eye caught on some sheet music. She forgot about the chocolate and the good news, falling into the music. 
Yo LaLa, what the f*** are you doing?” her friend Roxy yelled down from their landing. 
“Getting chocolate, found music, got news... Oh hey I got news,” Angela grinned up at her, bouncing on the balls of her feet. 
“Well hurry up, I have alcohol,” Roxy yelled back. Angela shook her bootie at Roxy before putting the music back where she had got it from, before hesitating. “Grab the damn music girl, hurry up.” 
Angela grinned gratefully up at her friend, chocolate and music bags in hand, she took the wooden stairs two at a time back up to the first floor landing. With the straps over her shoulders, she had her hands free so that when she was close enough to her friend they could clasp each other’s elbows of both arms; they jumped up and down squealing. 
“Okay, first off, did you see those hot guys ogling your butt, and second, why are we so excited?” Roxy asked laughing, as they continued to jump. 
“Oh oh oh oh, I got it!” Angela squealed, not caring that she sounded like a girly girl, or that it totally went against her image and reputation she had built over the years. 
“Got what? Oh oh oh really!” this time it was Roxy who squealed, interpreting the news as only someone who had known her forever would be able to understand. 
“I know right, so here, chocolate to celebrate,” and Angela let go of her friend to break off two pieces each. 
“Oh we can do better than that, pina coladas and later we go out to celebrate,” Roxy pulled her into the flat, right next to Angela’s. Unlike Angela, Roxy had a double bed, and a small couch, because she actually had people visit her. On the back of the kitchen wall in her living area was her art station.  
Angela made her way to the couch and parked herself there while Roxy pottered around making cocktails in her small kitchenette. Bringing them into the main part of the one room flat she handed one to Angela and then perched on the edge of her bed. 
“So what does that mean? Can you talk about it? Are you going to sell these flats? What about your modelling? Do you know who else got in,” Roxy was grinning widely at her friend. 
“Yes I am keeping the flats, but I won’t be living here seven days a week, just on my days off. I will in fact be moving into Xoe’s estate, along with the other band mates for six months. So I will need somewhere to stay, after that period anyway. But, OH. MY. GOODNESS. I am going to be back up singer and keyboardist for Dark Autumn; with the awe inspiring Xoe McKenzie. This is freaking unbelievable,” Angela says, her voice once again shocked. 
They finish their cocktails before Angela head’s back next door to start getting ready to go out. She rolls her eyes as tries to choose between two different outfits. One, a pair of tartan red and black, pants, with a black tank, that showed off her belly piercing and flat stomach. Or a pretty black dress that was this side shy of being indecent.  
In nothing but her boy leg panties and crop top that she had stripped down to, she went back next door, she impatiently knocked on Roxy’s door. When her friend opened the door, Angela shoved the two garments in her face. 
“The pants,” Roxy said after awhile. After Angela had spun around, she noticed that her friend was in nothing but her underwear. “Angela, for goodness sake, don’t walk around in your underwear.” 
“If you hadn’t said that so loudly, no one would have known I was just in my underwear, thank you very much. Besides, I am in epic condition, so why shouldn’t I flaunt it,” and with a shrug and a booty wiggle, she slammed back into her flat.  
But she had a smile on her face. Even if internally she was embarrassed because, hot penthouse guy, that had been driving the car, had heard her friend and had been smirking. Angela had seen him out of the corner of her eye, leaning on the balcony railing. 
After laying the chosen outfit on her bed, which took up most of the space in the open plan living space, she fanned herself. Because she felt flushed, the driver was uber hot! She had not seen him around here before, and briefly wondered who he had been visiting. 
Putting him out of her mind, she stripped and clambered over her bed naked, to get to her shower slash laundry room. Once out of the shower and dried and moisturised. She stared at herself in the mirror; she did not regard herself as pretty. No, she was average, girl next door, with attitude, which is the type of modelling jobs she booked.  
With a shake of her head, she grabbed her hairbrush to deal with the tangles and then, once again flipping her head upside down so that she could put in her coloured hair extensions. These ones were red, a matching red to the colour of her pants. With the extensions in, she did her hair up in a simple tight ponytail. Using hair spray, she set it all. 
Next, she tackled her makeup, going for the smokey eyed look. Once her hair and makeup was done, she headed back into the main room to get dressed. Clambering back over the bed, before remembering that she would need underwear. She crawled to over the bed to the closet she opened the sliding door that revealed her shelving. She got a lacy red g-string and a sexy black bra. With a happy smile, she got dressed. The final touches to her outfit were a black belt, her black leather jacket, and her killer knee high boots.  
Roxy and Angela stepped out of their flats at the same time; they looked at each other and grinned. “Can you walk in those boots or should we get a cab?” Roxy asked. 
“These boots where made for walking...” Angela started to croon, Roxy grabbed her hand with an eye roll, and started to drag her. Her crooning ended in laughter, and Roxy used her cell phone to order them a cab, the two friends headed down to the front gates to wait. 
They were still waiting for the cab when the two men from the penthouse drove back out, that was when Angela recognised the mowawked guy. His window was down. 
“Hey, you’re Casper, right?” she asked with a grin, when he looked around surprised at being recognised. The look on his face was guarded. 
“Yeah?” he raised a weary eyebrow. 
“I’m Angela Webster,” she said, and grinned again when he recognised the name, his face softening with a humorous smile. 
“Guess we will be seeing quite a bit of you around. Oh hey, do you guys need a ride?” his voice was friendly now that he knew who she was. 
“Na, here’s our cab. And yeah, be seeing you around. We get our keys this weekend. It’s epic!” She waves as Roxy pulls her into the cab. 
“Damn, you know them?” Roxy wiggles her eyebrows suggestively. 
“Not sure who the driver is, but that was Casper, my boss’s boyfriend,” Angela responds, and grins again when Roxy’s face falls. 
“Damn, all the hot ones are taken,” Roxy pouts good naturedly, as the ladies nudge each other. 
“Or are total assholes and don’t deserve our time,” Angela agrees. 
“Hey Mister Driver, where is a good bar to eat and dance at?” Angela asked, Roxy had already told him that they wanted to go into town, but they did not know where, normally they went to the Auckland if they wanted to dance. 
“Jackson’s is very popular, and it is a safe place for two females. The boss has great security, and females get looked after good,” the cabby said.
“Very good, we’ll go there,” Angela smiled gratefully at the cabby. The cabby pulled up outside the bar, and Roxy paid for the fair, Angela would pay on the way home.  
Jackson’s front wall was glass, and they could see that it was already starting to fill up. Once out of the cab, hand in hand they made their way inside, and saw that there where low tables for those just wanting a meal. Towards the back and on one side was some high tables and stools, these where more for the drinkers. Best of all, a good chunk of the floor was for dancing. 
They made themselves to the bar, and low and behold, there was Casper, talking to Mr Slick. “Well, it appears that we are stalking you,” Angela jokes with Casper as the two friends walk up to the bar. 
“Well, shh let’s not tell Xoe,” he grins and opens his arms as Xoe walks up to him. He pulls his girlfriend onto his lap and kisses her soundly on the lips, before nuzzling into her neck. 
“Tell me what?” Xoe raises an eyebrow at her boyfriend after she pulls away she is a little breathless. Turning her head she recognises Angela, she beams. “Hey Angela, sorry I wasn’t the one to phone you.” 
“Eh, it’s all good. Do we order food here?” Angela wondered, glad that the music was too loud for everyone to hear her tummy grumble. 
“You can do, but there are floating wait staff around,” Mr Slick spoke, and his voice was as hot a timber as he was. Inside she turned to jelly, and she discreetly closed her legs, as he did things to her with just his voice. 
“Great two burgers with the works, no chips and, pina coladars again bub?” Angela turned her head to her friend. 
“Na, let’s go with beer. Beer goes better with burgers,” Roxy decided. 
“Good stuff, so yeah, two beers,” she turned back to Mr Slick. 
Mr Slick nodded with a half smile, and poured their drinks after handing their food order over to the kitchen. Handing the drinks to Angela, he gave her a devilish grin. “So, do you walk around in public in just your underwear often?” 
“Often enough,” she says, raising an eyebrow. Internally she is embarrassed, and shoots her bestie a glare when she snickers. 
“Good to know. Guess I’ll be seeing you out the beach house a bit then,” he looks directly at her when he says this, piercing her to the core with his eyes, his dark, dark eyes. 
“That’s nice,” she rolls her eyes as she takes the drinks. She tries not to notice the feeling that runs through her as their fingers skim in the handover. “See you on the weekend Xoe, later Casper.” 
They give the standard nod, and Angela and Roxy move away from the bar. With her free hand, she whacks Roxy around the head for embarrassing her about walking around in just her underwear. They make their way over to the corner tall table.  
“Excuse me, are you Angela Webster?” a skinny male, with an open shirt and eyebrow piercing, that looks vaguely familiar asks Angela. His front was toned and tanned, he was on the slim side, and with his shirt open, she could see he had his nipples pierced. 
“Yeah, you are?” she raises a questioning eyebrow, trying hard to place him. 
“Alexei,” he grins at her, and she gasps as recognition hits. They met at group call back auditions for Dark Autumn. He was a fellow model, and from her understanding, they had friends in common. 
“Shit sorry dude, my mind is like, not even on this level,” she hugs him, and offers him the bar stool next to her, with a nod of her head. At that moment, Roxy glares down at her phone, which has just beep to let her know she has a message. 
“Dammit, and I was about to have fun. I’ve been called into work; want to head out with me?” Roxy growls and pouts, turning her head to look at Angela. 
“Na, I think I will hang here for a bit. You’ll join me and eat her burger aye Alexei?” she looks over at him with a warm friendly smile. The aye sounded like the letter “A”. 
As Roxy headed off, Casper and Xoe came over and joined them. “Your friend could have stayed.” 
“Na, she got called into work. You will have to eat her burger,” Angela jabbed a finger in Alexei’s ribs. 
“Eh, quit it woman, yes, yes I’ll eat your friends burger, and you will dance with me. Sooo, did you get in?” he grins at her.  
“I can neither confirm nor deny the possibility that I have or have not been accepted. Nor can I confirm nor deny the possibility that I have or have not accepted the position of backup vocals and keyboardist for the highly anticipated new band Dark Autumn,” Angela grins at him, just as Mr Slick brings over the burgers, he frowns at the other man that is getting friendly with Angela. Xoe seeing his expression covers a smile. 
“Is your friend coming back,” Mr Slick’s yummy voice asks as he indicates the second plate with his head. 
“Unfortunately not, she’s had to go to work. But Alexei is going to eat the second burger for me,” she grinned, she was way too happy to contain herself.
“Oh, so you’re Alexei, you play some mean strings,” Mr Slick relaxes a little, puzzling Angela, who had not noticed his tension until it was not there.
“Thanks man, oh hey Ange, are you doing that fashion shoot that James set up?” Alexei gave the other guy a knowing look, a smile playing around his  mouth.
“Which one, the lingerie or the day wear?” she grins, finally clicking on to what Alexei was playing at. 
Lingerie,” he scoffed, as if there was only one possible answer. 
“Yep we’ve already shot it, the campaigns going live next week I think,” she shrugged, music and dance where her passions, modelling paid the bills. 
“Oh, do you think you guys could move in Friday, we are going to have a welcome party Friday night. You have the night off right Jackson?” Xoe wondered, looking at her friend. 
“Yeah, I swapped with Marcus, yell out if any of your new band need a hand moving in,” Jackson, who was Mr Slick offered. 
“Wait, what? Isn’t it furnished?” Angela’s eyes widened in alarm, she did not have any spare furniture. 
“Relax! It is, but you can bring your own shit to personalise your own space,” Casper laughed at her expression as he pulled Xoe onto his lap to nuzzle her neck again. 
“Oh, thank goodness for that, because all my stuff is all over the country,” she blew out her breath in relief. 
“You guys can invite two people each, like a boyfriend or girlfriend, or close friend,” Xoe commented, and smiled when Jackson’s eyes sharpened. 
“Roxy’s working, so it will be just me,” Angela said before biting into her burger. “Damn this is good.” 
“Of course it is, excuse me; I have to get back to the bar. But you lot order whatever you want, it’s on the house,” Jackson frowned at the bar, but Angela was not sure what the problem was. 
After he had gone, the others around the table started to get to know each other. And once they had all eaten and drank a beer or two, they hit the dance floor, Casper and Xoe couple dancing, and Angela and Alexei, club dancing. Fortunately and unfortunately, there was no sexual chemistry between Angela and Alexei.  

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