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Heartbreak Guitar
Add to CartHeartbreak Guitar - Book 1 PRE-Order for relaunch. $1.99 after re-launch it will be $4.99

  Heartbreak Guitar Paperback NZD$19.99 (incl. Shipping)

Xoe is a rocking guitarist, but tragedy strikes again and she heads home. She learns that going home sometimes teachers one to laugh again. It helps her to get of of the black spiral of depression.

Casper is intrigued by the enigma that is Xoe, from the first time she collapses at his feet in grief. As he gets to know her he vows to see that she smiles more.

Can Xoe let this mohawked, keyboardist into her life; and heart?

Punishers Heat

Add to Cart Punishers Heat eBook NZD$1.99

Punishers Heat eBook NZD $13.99 (incl. shipping) 
Can one night of passion change the lives of three people? 

There is a new but ancient threat to the bad things that go bump in the night – the Wraths Fury. Axis and Maxis, a pair of mirror twin faeries; must come to grips with the changes that are going on within themselves.

Sasha has long ago cut herself off from her own faerie clan; the ones she loved kept dying. But after one hot night with the twins she is soon reunited with some of her clan brothers. She has to start feeling again.

With Sasha’s help, can the twins accept who they are now becoming?

The Cursed Children
Books 1 – 3 The Children of the Curse series
The Cursed Collection

Add to CartThe Cursed Children - Books 1 - 3 NZD$1.99

 The Cursed Children Paperback NZD$24.99 (incl. Shipping)

Klarissa is a half-being and is forever being stalked by her father who was the scientist that created her species. She is part faerie, part vampire her base form is human. She works with the shapeshifters and astralwalkers to try to protect others from her father's warriors the Elite-Chaos.

Tianna, a bat girl has made all of the wrong decisions. She doesn't want to go back to how things used to be because she knows some things can't be undone. But she wants to find a new life. Where does she fit in now? Follow Tianna as she claws her way out of the darkhole!

Wings, fangs, and shadows

Can Slade and Klarissa work together long enough to figure out what the new danger is threatening them and the other elementals? Is the new Dark Shadow a threat or a friend? Is Lucas a threat thinly disguised as a friend? Will Slade and Klarissa finally cement their relationship and start their cocoon for the future?

Children of the Curse
The Cursed Collection - Book 1
Darkholes Short story.- Book 2
Wings, fangs, and shadows - Book 3

2015 Release List

14 April 2015 - Heartbreak Guitar - Relaunch with new content and cover.
26 May 2015 - Heartbreak Chords - NEW Book 2 Heartbreak Chords.

14 July 2015 - To be named Paranormal Story - NEW
13 October - Heartbreak Chords - NEW Heartbreak Notes Book 2 - Romance

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