Thursday, 10 November 2011

Year 1 Week 1 The Cliff Scene

Ajax was concentrating on placing one foot in front of hte other. Ignoring the pain she moderated her breathing so that she breathed in and out proberly. There was nothing worse than running and not having enough oxigene. She was on her third lap when she heard the thump, and then a cry and the sound of falling.

She raced over to where the sound had come from and saw a form rolling down and unasseable cliff. She looked around and saw that other people were racing over. She felt on her back to make sure that she had her back pack. “Is someone going for help?”

When she got an affirmative answer she carefully took her first step, making sure that there was always 3 feet and hands griping the crevices at all times. Slowly she made her way down to the fallen kid. Not to move him but to assess the problems. About a quter the way down a rope was dropped down. After testing the rope she used it for support as she made her way down the cliff. Soon after there was another body coming down more safer than she had started to.

Ajax didn’t say anything to the person as she reached the body. The first thing she did was feel for a pulse, while she did that the guy that had come down the cliff after her was feeling out the injuries. “Hey this is Duncan 5025 we need a backboard down the west cliff will see where.”

“Theres a fain’t pulse, and shallow breating, I think there’s standard injures that you would expect from someone going cliff diving,” Ajax said matter of factly.

With care and gentleness they did what they could for the kid until the trained medics could get there. Once they were there Ajax stayed out of the way, and only started the aganisig journey upwards after the medics had cleared the top of the cliff. Then she tied the rope around her wasit and started climbing. For some reson the guy next to her stayed in time with her.

At the top of the cliff she was surprised when there were hands to help not only the guy but her as well. “Umm, thanks.”

After unting herself and making sure her pack was secure she blened in with the crowd and then went back to her running.