Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Year 1 Day 1 LunchTime

This is another part of that story I started yesterday. I will be filling in the inbetween and the end of this scen at some stage. Keep your eyes peeled. Unedited and un read.

Ajax stood in the doorway to the food hall, if she had bothered to look at the people walking past her she was sure that they would be laughing at her. Because she stood there like a goober and gauked. The room was massive so many tables, so many people, so much food. She had a reason for standing there, she wanted to see how things were done. Her stomach was growling, but she was so nerviouse what if she did something wrong?

Sighning to herself she merged with the end of the line, and didn’t understand why some people were so pushy. She made her selctions and then coz she couldn’t see how to pay for the food she taped the shoulder of the guy next to her. “Umm, sorry, how do we pay for our food and water?”

“It’s part of our tuition fee, the food. So you choise what you want to eat and drink and then take a seat,” the guy has a kind and friendly voice.

“Thank you,” she mutters to her plate as she goes over to chose her drink. And is stunned with the varity. She read the names of the labels carefully almost despret for some water, finaly she saw what she wanted, grabed the water and then went to go find a seat.

Most of the tables had only 1 or 2 chairs spare but she was pleased to see in the dark corner at the back against two walls was a table that no one was sitting at. She had just taken her first mouthful of food when about twenty kids filled up the table all wearing a slightly different uniform to the standard one, and the shield was different. She noticed that 1 of the guys was the one that told her that the food was free. When he noticed she was looking at him he winked at her, making her blush and look back down at her plate.

“Oy you want a bread roll,” the guy next to her asks after elbowing her to get her attention.

“Umm, did you get to many?” Ajax asked and then felt like kicking herself as she realised how spastic that sounded. It was a relief that no one laughed at her dumb question.

“Cook gives us a hole basket full, freshly made, they are delish with just a little butter spred in the middle,” bread guy says.

Shyly reaches out and takes the offered bun and uses her knife to spread some butter as she saw one of the other kids doing. And then takes a bite, and closes her eye’s as she takes in the new sensation of fresh bread and melted butter.

“Have you not had bread and butter before?” he asked.

“Not fresh bread no and butter never,” she replied.

“What type of bread did you have then?” his voice was incredulse.

“Two day old that the matron or other staff no longer needed,” she answerd.

“Harsh,” was all he said.

She shrugged and went back to eating, trying all the diffenrt things she had gotten. There was some she liked and others left a gross taste in her mouth. She tried not to listen in to the other kids converstations but it was a bit hard with them talking all around her.She made a mental note to find somewhere else to sit next time.

“You’re the chick that walked up the driveway right?” the first guy asked, speaking above the rest.

Nods, and carrys on eating, trying the yucky cauliflour with a little of the sweet honey sauces. That made it slightly more ediable. Even though there was food on her plate that she didn’t want to eat, she ate it anyway. Being hungry and without food was not how she intended to live from here on out.


  1. Good job making her face her insecurities. Provides a positive image for other young girls her age. I'm an addictive reader now! Zoe

  2. Awesome intro with new characters. As per usual, your dialogue is really working. When you read back through, watch out for tense changes.

    You know how I am about details. I would LOVE to see what the food looked like.