Friday, 17 April 2015

Short Story Friday 2

Xoe was mindlessly strumming her acoustic guitar as she walked, deep in thought. Things where really starting to happen for her. She should be feeling good right? So why did she have nagging doubts 

Could seeing her folks really have thrown her off kilter that much? Did she do the right thing when she had let Norm talk her into getting a restraining order against them? As she thought, she sat down on the sand, thoughtlessly laying her guitar down next to her. She crossed her legs and rested her hands on her ankles where they joined. Her back was straightish. 
The breeze was causing a few white caps on the ocean spread out before her. There was not as many boats as there sometimes was. Sitting looking at the scenery was enough to make her start to feel better. 
With the uplift in mood she reached for her guitar, before turning her head, and started cursing. She had placed the guitar fretboard faced down. Muttering to her self she stood up gently shaking the sand off, and looked around to see how far she had walked.  
She was still muttering when she walked into her studio where Jackson and Casper were. She glared at them daring them to comment, as got out her guitar cleaning kit that was on the top shelf above the guitar rack.  
With a growl she pulled out a stool and sat down, before getting a brush out of the kit. She started gently dusting the intricate places up by the knobs where the strings were tightened.  
"If someone's family is simply horrible, nasty people, do you think it is all right if the child gets a restraining order against them?" Xoe cocked her head to the side as she looked at the two males. 
"Do they make the child feel unsafe?" this from the very serious Jackson. 
"Most definitely, and previously they have caused h.. the child physical harm, leaving a lasting scare in a noticeable place on the body," Xoe responded instantly, with such feeling that it made the males take notice. 
"Then the child had absolute right to take legal action to protect themselves," Jackson told her gently. 
"Okay, good. That's good then," and with that she went back to the tedious task of getting the sand out of her guitar, as gently as she could, trying not to have a sandpaper effect on the body. 

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