Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Pondering promotional possiabilities

So the sales of my ebooks has flat out bottmed out, they weren't flash hot to start with, but there has been NOOOOOOOOOOOO activity for awhile now. So I am forced to reserach ways to promote my ebooks, okay I can do that. But the thing is I am a prodomamtly (ha another pee word) a fiction author and it is a known fact that fiction is harder to sell. But surly it's not immpossiable.

An intresting idea that has come up in my reserach is to write the fiction with a non-fiction theme and then plug that theme. And when I was thinking about it I realised that I had just that with Heartbreak Guitar. Achoholism and Drink Driving. Also contact businesses in the theme who probose and alliance for example maybe get in touch with alchole anonymous or something like that (this need's to be researched obviously) and propose that in conjunction with promotion on there website I will donate $1 from every copy sold using a special link and maybe giving a discount to there members. The idea is in an incubator at the moment.

Another idea that has come up is a virtual tour, I like this idea beacuse I won't need to go anywhere physically... but once again I need to reserach how this would go. And find out exactly what is a virtual tour.

Oh I just had an idea for promoting Heartbreak Guitar I could write "articles" about the town of Kendra. It will give readers a better idea of the setting.

Once a week Xoe Mackenzie could post one of her songs that she has written. Hmm the ideas are starting to flow now.

Maybe writing short stories that relate to the books?

Write articles for ezines in related industry's.

Would love your ideas for promoting fiction ebooks.

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