Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Day 1 NaNoWrMo

As you would have read I was not sure which of my two storylines to write for november, and neither was grabing me so a friend outline one for me.
And guess what... I chose none of them and have gone with something totally and different for me and too me. New world, new charcters, new storyline... yep new everything.

So about 4pm lastnight a new idea came to me from this photo:

From that I got this:
Nadien gets the news via dolphin express that she has to go home immediately because her father is pregnant and due to give birth in 26 days. She has to adjust to life as a working mum looking after her younger siblings and helping her father pay the bills.
Zale is the guy next door, they were born 5 years aprart to the day and have been fireinds since Nadine was born.

The Merdine People

They are very similar to merepeople with the difference that instead of a single fin and flipper they have two legs like a human but form the waist down their skin is scaled like a fishes and they have flippers instead of feet. The male merdine carries the females eggs in a pouch on his stomach for one month. Then from the time they are live born into the world on day 28 it takes them 9 years to fully develope into an adult merdine and then 1 merdine aging year is 20 human years.

The preadtors of the merdine are: sharks (this is how Nadine lost her siblings and mother); squid; tuna; rays and crabs.

The airdines

The airdines are the air cousins to the merdines, their top halfs are similar to that of a flying fox but with a human head and hands. Their body from the waist down is human. They live in tree houses, some live in trees overhanging water.


Today's goal is to get at the very least one chapter done of 2000 words but I would really like to get at least 2 chapters done. I am 1/4 through the minimum goal. I will keep you posted with word count and what not.

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