Thursday, 3 November 2011

Onto Day 3 of NaNoWrMo

Hey all,
It is day 3 of National Writing Month and even though on Day 2 I didn't reach my personal targret I did meet the overal target. I am wroking out that I can't have the tv on I have to turn Facebook off and sometimes I  need music and other times I do better with just the boys noise in the background. Also I need to consetenly give myself 100 word 10 minite blitzis, this keeps me motivated and writes quicker.

Haveing the writen outline/promt has made it easy to stay on task even if in the writing itself comes out diffently to what I orginaly intended. But also it has helped as I intened as a promt if I get stuck, beacuse I have broken each chapter down into 4 scens.

On Monday I will upload the previouse weeks daily achivements as well as where I am up to in total.

Right now I have 19 min to do a blitz before I finihse for the day.

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