Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Day 1 Year 1 of Training - Ajax story

So I have been a bit stagnant for a few days with my writing but this morning I was a littel inspired so I started freewritting and this is what I came up with. Not edited or even read through and is likly to change, and is in no way the final product.

Day 1 Year 1 of Training

The van from Organs Orphanage stopped long enough to drop the girl and the luggage off at the entrance to the big training academy. It was just as well the girl had no wish to say farewell to any of the van’s occupants; because as soon as the door to the luggage compartment was closed the van took off. Leaving the girl in a cloud of dust.

With a sigh she picked up her suitcase and raised the handel and then bent and picked up her scruffy back pack and started the long walk up the driveway to the academy. Cars and bikes passed her as she walked, none stopping to see if she needed a lift. She did hear laughter as some of the cars passed her, but she didn’t take offence; she was used to that by now. Laughter, crule jokes, other kids being mean. The orthanage wasn’t all roses and candy floss.

By the time she made it to the sign in desk she was hot and sweaty and she really wanted to be able to drink some water. She would have to ask where she could buy some water from; she had coin that she had saved up from her job at the bakery, that’s how she had managed to save up the money to go to this school. Since she was old enough to walk and talk she had been doing jobs for people for money. But unlike the other kids in the orthanage she had saved it and not waisted it on candy and fizzy drinks. It was good that their economics teacher Mrs Hallbroom was open to helping the little ones. It was her that taught the girl how to look after her money. By rights Mrs Hallbroom could have swindled her, but she had seen something in the little 3 year old.

In fact Mrs Hallbroom had been the girls first regular clients. Before class began she would get the girl to put the heavy school books on the individual desks. She had a little book trolly that the girl would use.


  1. I like this start. It's an entrancing opening, and it raises a lot of questions about the girl. I would like to see what she's going to the training academy for or what the name of the academy is. :)

  2. Great opening! It draws you in and makes you wonder what her assignment is going to be and what is going to happen next!